Re-working gold bathroom faucet trim

Gold fixtures. Yikes.

I moved into this house a year and a half ago, and after settling in one thing I’d like to change is the gold finish fixtures in the master bath. There is nothing wrong with the fixtures, and they are high quality Newport Brass fixtures, so I’ve decided to rework them.

At first I tried to use my variable speed Dremel rotary tool to remove the gold outer coating. This sort of worked, except in some places I went too deep and I could see a copper color underneath. Since I didn’t want to end up with a copper color finish, I looked into other options.


1) Rechrome
I heard from my plumber, Kenny, that I could re-chrome the trims, like they do with car bumpers. I am inquiring locally about this option, but it is probably too expensive.

2) Replace Trim Only
How about replacing the gold trim on the faucets and drains with trim in a different finish? This ends up being about 80% of the price of replacing the fixtures completely. And since the faucet costs about $350 and the tub fixtures about $750, I dropped this idea. However, if all else fails and the installation costs start to add up, I may come back to this grudgingly.

3) Completely Replace Fixtures
I could replace all of the fixtures with good solid new products. I found some excellent faucets by Grohe. These come in at about half the cost of new Newport Brass faucets. The installs are more elaborate, though, since I need to go under the counters to install. In fact, getting to the roman tub filling hot/cold guts is pretty much near impossible (see picture).IMG_5668

3) Paint the Trim
Painting the fixture trims with metal spray paint sounds sorta cheesy, but could be the solution. It seems like people on the internet are having good luck with this, but I am impatient and have a hard time doing many light coats.
Usually my spray paint projects end up with drip marks. However, knowing this about myself could help prevent the problem.

So I’m going to try spray painting as the option of least cost and time investment.





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