UPDATE: Gold faucet trim project

Removing the faucets and trim was pretty simple, but it did take a while. Everything except for the sink faucet came out from the counter tops either by loosening a set screw or by untwisting. For the sink faucet I had to turn off the water supply and unscrew the nuts from underneath. The drain plug lever was pretty corroded. One handle’s set screw was stripped, and P was able to hammer in a square drive bit and turn the bit with a wrench to release the handle.


On Saturday I used my bench grinder brush wheel to get the corrosion and crud off of everything.  Then last night I washed everything with hot soapy water. It was all dry by this morning and I laid out the pieces in the basement (after I put the pot roast in the crock pot) and I am applying subsequent LIGHT coats of spray paint. I’m using Rust-oleum silver metallic spray paint. I do wonder if I should have used their specialty metallic paint, but that wasn’t available at my local Ace Hardware.




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