UPDATE #2 Gold faucet trim project

I was hoping for better results with the hardware store metallic paint. The color is good but the sheen is dull. I bought some Krylon metallic spray, which has a shinier cap on the top of the can, but the finish is the same as the Rust-oleum. I am leaning towards trying some glossier spray paints before I throw in the towel.

photo 2

There are some higher gloss specialty spray paints by the major brands, but based on the tests done by Diane in her In My Own Style blog.  (Thanks for the research, Diane!), I am going to try Chase Champion Metallic Silver.

This stuff is hard to find near me! I called Chase and they told me that there are no distributors near me, but I could order through their prehistoric online store. I put two cans in my shopping cart, $5.50 each, and with shipping the total bill was over $20. Instead I bought a case with free shipping and a $5 promotion from Betty Mills. What I don’t use on this project I will resell through my art supply store. Hopefully this stuff will sparkle!

The pot roast was great last night. I didn’t add additional liquids, so it had a good texture–not too mushy. And since I didn’t really flavor it, my kids and The X all really liked it. The other guests (JnJ, aka The Boys) and I added hot sauce, salt and pepper!


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