Winter hay for the chickens

We do have a bale of hay to add to the chicken coop bedding — you just need a pick-axe to get through the three feet of snow-ice covering it. I’ll definitely plan better next year. The little corner by the trash shed, where I store the hay, ended up being a perfect storm of snow accumulation from the roof and path shoveling.


Erikson’s Grain Mill in Acton is a great field trip, though, so I’m not complaining. The folks who work there have been consistently knowledgeable and helpful to me over the past 10+ years. One bale of hay cost me $8.02 today. This strikes me as pretty high, but I assume it is the New-England-winter-non-bulk pricing.

The chickens will be happy and warm. We use the layering method in the bottom of our coop.



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