UPDATE #3 Gold faucet trim project

This project is making me a little batty — and I am wondering if I should have just bought new fixtures…   But I am determined to see this through!

The good news is that the new spray I bought, Chase Champion Metallic Silver, is great. While it doesn’t sparkle like chrome, it has a very rich pewter-like finish.  It looks very solid.


The bad news is I am worried that the paint will chip off and won’t withstand daily water use and weekly cleaning.

I sprayed the parts last night at about 8:00 pm and started to install them this morning at 7:00 am. This was not enough time for the paint to set and my hands left dull impressions. This spray paint needs a good full day to set. I also found that unlike the common practice of many light coats, this products looks better when you apply something between a light and heavy coat. If you spray it too lightly the paint doesn’t blend together to form a smooth coating. If you spray too much it drips.


On the homefront, last night we had a friend of LG, also age 8, sleepover. Yes, a school-night!! They did homework together and were asleep by 8:40. For dinner I made some rice, frozen corn and barbecue chicken and everybody loved it. You never know these days what a visiting kid will eat, so I was pleased. I marinated the chicken breasts with Bone Suckin Barbecue Sauce for a day and then cooked them on my grill.

I haven’t used it this much this season, but I love my powerful Weber grill. Mine is brown, which is apparently a special edition (in form only, not function). I learned the fine are of cooking on the grill through the winter from my father, who lives in The Adirondacks. Each year he snow-blows a path from the kitchen deck door to the grill. It is pretty hysterical watching him cook out there surrounded by 3 feet of snow and wearing full winter gear, kinda like this guy grilling outside (not my dad).


June 16, 2014 NOTE:

Since I’ve been using these fixtures a lot since I posted this, I wanted to add a note that the finish got sort of sticky with use. I tried waiting quite a while to let the metallic spray dry days before using it, but the faucet and handles sort of never dried and would mush a bit with hand use.
To fix this I sprayed them again then sprayed them with sealer after they dried. Unfortunately, the sealer made the metallic lose it’s awesome shiny look. Fortunatly, they now look like pewter and I like that look.

I may try one more time by giving them a refresher coat of metallic spray then waiting a week to spray them with the clear coat. If I get better results that way then I’ll add a note. Otherwise assume that they still look pewter!

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