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Concord Light Broadband Installation

IMG_6057Town broadband is here! I am so excited to ditch Comcast xfinity because they are SO EXPENSIVE! So far I’m using Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, and Vudu. I have a Samsung Smart TV and AppleTV. Why do I need traditional cable? Plus my Samsung TV has been fighting viciously with the cable box. I think that was planned by Samsung, but it is an easy choice for me – drop the cable.

The confusing issue I’ve been having is where to buy movies?  I can buy them anywhere, but then that is the only place to watch them. What if they terminate Amazon Prime instant video? For example, I just bought the Harry Potter series on the my itunes account, because I think it has the most potential longevity. But I bought The Sorcerer’s Apprentice on vudu, because itunes doesn’t work on the xbox we have upstairs. And strangely, the movie was then charged to P’s xbox live account instead of to my vudu account. I have a feeling that this may even get more complicated before it gets easier.

All that being said, I am proud of my town for leading the private broadband movement. It is great to have another option besides the media machine.

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April 14, 2014 · 11:16 am

Fancy skin doctor’s recommendations

Aging isn’t fun. The wrinkles are arriving daily and I want to make good choices with my daily skin care. Here are some skin treatment recommendations to share with you.

A few weeks ago I went to a super-fancy skin clinic in Newton and saw Dr. Dover. A friend who is on TV all the time recommended him. I thought what the heck, over the years I have had facials, and tried all sorts of face lotions. These all cost me lots of money and I can’t even tell if there was an effect. I figured I’d spend the $325 for a consult and end up with great recommendations for skin care for the next 30 years (I am currently 42).  Also, I have a sensitivity to SLES, aka sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, a common foaming agent in most soaps and shampoos. Unless I’m careful I end up breaking out with most products. I was looking forward to them analyzing the ingredients lists and helping me find excellent products.


The team at Skin Care Physicians was smart, fun, and reasonable. Here are the product and habit recommendations that I walked away with:

1. Use Sunscreen Every Day, no matter what. Re-apply after four hours if you are in the sun. They highly recommend La Roche Fluid, which I got at my local Rite Aid. It was expensive, but you only need a little bit. It has been sort of flaky on my skin, which is odd, so I may try one of their other sun fluids. But the Doc says this is the best out there and silky light for most people. Wash and moisturize your face, then apply the sunscreen fluid.

2. If you can afford Retin-A, get a Rx and use it. Apparently, it “makes your skin look beautiful.” You have to start slowly with a small amount. You are also more susceptible to sunburns with this, so be sure to follow your doctor’s recommendations and in general use it at night and wash it off in the morning. Also, refer to above 1. Use Sunscreen Every Day, no matter what.

3. Beyond that, they recommend a general face soap and a general face lotion, nothing fancy.

Because of my sensitive skin and the SLES issue, we came up with some good products for me. The facial soap we found at my friend DJ’s organic skin care company, Juice Beauty.  I am using the Cleansing Milk.

For facial moisturizer they recommend the inexpensive and wonderful CeraVe Moisturizing Cream. Not the fancy stuff, not the anti-aging stuff, just the regular old moisturizing cream. I love it so much that I am ditching all other lotions for my whole family and switching to this. My 8yo son gets dry hands and wrists in the winter and most lotions sting his skin. This is great for him as well.

4. There are some other technologically advanced options if you have the money to spend.

  • IPL (they recommend NOT getting it done by an aesthetician —  not enough training, therefore a waste of money)
  • Thermage. I think Thermage is what Ellen DeGeneres has had to look so youthful at her age.
  • Botox, which honestly scares me very much.


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Under-counter curtain for bathroom sink

Over the past few weeks I have worked on this under-sink curtain project here and there, finally completing it last week. When I moved in to this house the things I disliked most were the gold fixtures AND the terra cotta tiles squares in the master bath. These tiles were interspersed with the white tiles in the bathroom over the tub, in the shower, and on the counter fascia. I had Bobby remove the tiles above the tub, the tiles are still in the shower, and I decided to change the storage and cover the ones on the counter fascia. You can see the remaining shower tiles here.

To design the curtain I looked around online and decided that I really didn’t like the traditional bunched curtain style.  They can be really classy, but I prefer a simpler, sleeker design. So I came up with this plan and used amazing Irish linen leftover from when I used to sell needlework supplies at my store. Since this gorgeous linen is non-patterned and very expensive I first tested and then used Scotchgard Fabric and Upholstery protector to protect it. I didn’t want to design and make this great curtain and then get toothpaste drippings all over it! The first pictures show our severe coffee and wine tests on the fabric. The spray definitely worked hard to repel staining. I was sure to use this spray in a well-ventilated area away from children.

I was unaware that there is a velcro product which is sticky on one side and sewable on the other. The nice lady at JoAnn’s told me about it: decor. I used this to stick to the ugly counter fascia, just under the counter lip. I sewed the other side to my panels. I created overlaps of about 5 inches in two spots for access to the shelving storage underneath.
This bathroom is looking good! I am almost ready to move on to the next room!

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