Under-counter curtain for bathroom sink

Over the past few weeks I have worked on this under-sink curtain project here and there, finally completing it last week. When I moved in to this house the things I disliked most were the gold fixtures AND the terra cotta tiles squares in the master bath. These tiles were interspersed with the white tiles in the bathroom over the tub, in the shower, and on the counter fascia. I had Bobby remove the tiles above the tub, the tiles are still in the shower, and I decided to change the storage and cover the ones on the counter fascia. You can see the remaining shower tiles here.

To design the curtain I looked around online and decided that I really didn’t like the traditional bunched curtain style.  They can be really classy, but I prefer a simpler, sleeker design. So I came up with this plan and used amazing Irish linen leftover from when I used to sell needlework supplies at my store. Since this gorgeous linen is non-patterned and very expensive I first tested and then used Scotchgard Fabric and Upholstery protector to protect it. I didn’t want to design and make this great curtain and then get toothpaste drippings all over it! The first pictures show our severe coffee and wine tests on the fabric. The spray definitely worked hard to repel staining. I was sure to use this spray in a well-ventilated area away from children.

I was unaware that there is a velcro product which is sticky on one side and sewable on the other. The nice lady at JoAnn’s told me about it: decor. I used this to stick to the ugly counter fascia, just under the counter lip. I sewed the other side to my panels. I created overlaps of about 5 inches in two spots for access to the shelving storage underneath.
This bathroom is looking good! I am almost ready to move on to the next room!


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