Concord Light Broadband Installation

IMG_6057Town broadband is here! I am so excited to ditch Comcast xfinity because they are SO EXPENSIVE! So far I’m using Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, and Vudu. I have a Samsung Smart TV and AppleTV. Why do I need traditional cable? Plus my Samsung TV has been fighting viciously with the cable box. I think that was planned by Samsung, but it is an easy choice for me – drop the cable.

The confusing issue I’ve been having is where to buy movies?  I can buy them anywhere, but then that is the only place to watch them. What if they terminate Amazon Prime instant video? For example, I just bought the Harry Potter series on the my itunes account, because I think it has the most potential longevity. But I bought The Sorcerer’s Apprentice on vudu, because itunes doesn’t work on the xbox we have upstairs. And strangely, the movie was then charged to P’s xbox live account instead of to my vudu account. I have a feeling that this may even get more complicated before it gets easier.

All that being said, I am proud of my town for leading the private broadband movement. It is great to have another option besides the media machine.


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April 14, 2014 · 11:16 am

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