Otis Hat

IMG_0223This Otis hat is for my friend Otis in New Hampshire.

Otis wanted a fancier and longer hat, but I wanted a pattern that I could work on while thinking about other things. This is K2P2 for 10″ (I’m at 7″). I also want to finish his hat before the weather turns cold.

This pattern is called “Heidi Cap” from Hats, Mittens & Scarves, by Andrea Tung, Chronicle Press, 2007. I love making hats and mittens because I can shove them in my purse and knit on the go. I used to knit socks but it was too sad to think of them on people’s feet.

The label from the yarn is missing, but I’m pretty sure it is Schaefer hand-dyed. Check out the diagonal lines of darker wine color. I just learned that Schaefer went out of business, unfortunately.

If you want to read about the first Otis Hat, based upon the Otis Shirt, check here. This link may expire soon and if it does and you are interested please comment me! I am moving hosting.


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