Broken blade stuck in Dewalt jigsaw for like, ever.

IMG_0584Oh the small successes in life are so rewarding.

I recently removed the broken and jammed butt end of a jigsaw blade from my Dewalt DW933. I thought I’d find a fix online, because there is so much out there — and online info helped me fix my dryer and my dishwasher last year. Unfortunately, all I could find was pretty much “stick a metal nail file in and pull it out” or “use needlenose pliers to pull it out.” Come on! Don’t you think I already tried that and at least 20 other things?

Soon after receiving this lovely power tool as a housewarming present two years ago I got the blade jammed and broke it off. By accident. I see that Dewalt has changed their keyless blade assembly design several times, so I guess this isn’t a very robust mechanism. Since it jammed, I have tried with earnest to fix it several times to unjam it, and last week I decided that I would throw it out otherwise, so I might as well attempt major surgery.IMG_0579

I was surprised at how easy it was. AFTER REMOVING THE BATTERY so I didn’t inadvertently kill myself, I took all the screws out with a star driver. There were only three sizes so they were easy to keep straight. Once the plastic side was off I removed the motor and some weird metal chunk fell out. I figured out how to put that back in, then continued disassembly. Once I  pulled the motor out and shook, the blade fell out effortlessly. If you try this at home, some tricks for putting the parts back together are 1) take your time to trace the electric cords back through their holders so they don’t get pinched upon reassembly, 2) the weird metal chunk slides gracefully into the bottom center, with the rounded concave part nestled against the matching cylinder shaped part (oh, so technical), 3) make sure the black lock button sets perfectly into its slot, 4) most importantly, make sure the “easy blade insert” screw is at the right level so that it can turn fully in both lock and unlock positions. I had to undo and redo to make both 3 & 4 work.

Oh, and next time buy one that uses an allan wrench for blade insertion/removal or one that gets great keyless blade reviews!


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2 responses to “Broken blade stuck in Dewalt jigsaw for like, ever.

  1. Brian

    Thanks I had the same problem. The blade is now removed. Only took about 10-15 mins.

  2. Jerome D.

    I had a similar situation and tried several different means of getting the broken blade out, pounding the saw on a flat surface, magnet, tip of a knife blade, running the saw with the chuck open, tweezers, but nothing worked. Finally I tried this and it worked with no effort at all, my DeWalt has the knob on top that you twist to open and close the chuck (I guess that’s what you call the thing that holds the blade), I closed the chuck all the way, and because the blade clamps closed to a downward position, I placed a magnet on the tip, then opened the chuck about one to one and a half turns, and the blade came right out with the magnet.

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