Kombucha Brew

In my current obsession with fermented foods, I decided to try making kombucha.

I gotta say, the scoby, or slime puck, is totally gross.

A while ago I brought back some Aqua Vitea kombucha from Concord Provisions and started making the mother. You can buy mother from lots of places to get started. My mother-maker sat for a couple weeks and it developed the weird-ass scoby. Today I started brewing about two gallons of the actual drinkable beverage. Apparently it will take about a week to be ready, then I will bottle it for another week or so because I like it carbonated. I’ve made beer before, so this isn’t too unfamiliar of a process.

The original kombuchas were flavored, because that’s what they had at the store. One is cranberry and the other is elderberry. This may it to fail terribly, but so far things look right on target. Gross photos below!


The mother we made from the original kombucha. LG separating pomegranate in the background.


Supplies: big jar with wide mouth, vinegar to wash out the jar, tea, cheesecloth.

photo 1

Moving the mother to the brewed tea after the tea/sugar mix cooled.


Add the old kombucha, too.


Cover and store the brew in a dark place for a week.


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