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Fall Fermenting

The kombucha scobies are beautiful! They thrived in their six months of being left alone. 

This time, rather than sugar, I used local honey from the deep pantry archives.  


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Kombucha Production

IMG_1121I am now in steady kombucha production. Each weekend I advance through each of the three stages of my kombucha making. It takes a little to get up and running with this production, but where I was once concerned about making my first scoby from the store-bought drink, I now have scobies to spare.

Just about every Sunday I make some tea, throw some sugar in, let it cool, add a scoby from the hotel, IMG_1225cover the container with cheesecloth and put it in the cupboard. I have always used glass but this week I just made it in the big metal pot that I made the tea in. I don’t know if this will work or not. I also want to experiment with kombucha coffee soon.

Second, I take out the tea from the week before, put that scoby in the hotel, and put that tea (now kombucha) back in the cabinet with a cap on it to get bubbly.

Third, I take the capped kombucha that has been sitting for a week getting bubbly, take out any additional scobies and put them in the hotel, strain the kombucha into mason jars and refrigerate for easy drinking.

So, I gave my daughter a holder to attach your iphone to your microscope this Christmas, and of course I’m the only one who wants to use it. I made a slide of scoby, and check it out. We talk a lot about how beneficial bacteria are needed for gut balance, but when you come face to face with one it feels a little creepy. Here’s one of the pictures I took. The image isn’t that clear, but you can see what I’m talking about. If you are a scientist and you know this to be a “non-beneficial” bacteria please message me immediately!!!


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Mid-winter update

Just plugging away up here in the New England cold. As usual, it has been an unusual winter. We have had warm weather, lots of rain, and then absolutely freezing cold with wind-chills, no snow at all, and just last week a blizzard worthy of two snow days. We are supposed to get hit with snow tonight again, so we may have another snow day tomorrow.

I’ve been up to a few things here and there, including on-going brewing of kombucha, fixing the dishwasher (remember which screws go where), making lots of roasted veggies (I am loving roasted cauliflower and brussel sprouts),  maintaining my cast-iron pots (coat with oil and leave upside-down in the oven for an hour at 200 degrees. Put a paper towel underneath to catch the drips).

With all the warm and rainy days earlier this winter I had been watching my mushroom logs for progress (none so far). Now they are deep under the snow.

IMG_0828  IMG_0986IMG_0931 IMG_0987



A walk on a clear and cold day just after the new year prompted some thinking about family, passions, and the meaning of life. My son and I came up with three guiding principles in our lives and we have them posted on the family cork board.  It is centering to look at these words when life gets a little crazy and frustrating. Mine are Love, Explore, Contribute. My 9yo’s, with explanatory commentary, are Food (“like yummy food”), Love (“like hugs and stuff”), Skill (“like video games”).


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Kombucha and Kimchi Success!


I canned the kimchi about 2 months ago, and it is great. If I were to make changes to this process, I would make a bigger batch (canning is so easy) and I would reduce the amount of garlic. This one is really spicy, and a lot of the spice is garlic.


Amazingly, the kombucha is also great. I expected it to taste like rot my first time around, but what a surprise that it is delicious! I put the mother and baby into their little scoby hotel over the refrigerator, and I’m going to give one of tthe scobies as a Christmas present to a like-minded person. That should start some conversation around the tree!

Happy Holidays!


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