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Kombucha Production

IMG_1121I am now in steady kombucha production. Each weekend I advance through each of the three stages of my kombucha making. It takes a little to get up and running with this production, but where I was once concerned about making my first scoby from the store-bought drink, I now have scobies to spare.

Just about every Sunday I make some tea, throw some sugar in, let it cool, add a scoby from the hotel, IMG_1225cover the container with cheesecloth and put it in the cupboard. I have always used glass but this week I just made it in the big metal pot that I made the tea in. I don’t know if this will work or not. I also want to experiment with kombucha coffee soon.

Second, I take out the tea from the week before, put that scoby in the hotel, and put that tea (now kombucha) back in the cabinet with a cap on it to get bubbly.

Third, I take the capped kombucha that has been sitting for a week getting bubbly, take out any additional scobies and put them in the hotel, strain the kombucha into mason jars and refrigerate for easy drinking.

So, I gave my daughter a holder to attach your iphone to your microscope this Christmas, and of course I’m the only one who wants to use it. I made a slide of scoby, and check it out. We talk a lot about how beneficial bacteria are needed for gut balance, but when you come face to face with one it feels a little creepy. Here’s one of the pictures I took. The image isn’t that clear, but you can see what I’m talking about. If you are a scientist and you know this to be a “non-beneficial” bacteria please message me immediately!!!


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