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Harvard Museum of Natural History

Just a short walk from the Harvard Square T in Cambridge, MA is the Harvard Museum of Natural History with extremely interesting permanent exhibits. This museum is worth visiting for both adults and their children. I focused my visit this month on three exhibits.


The glass flowers, made by Rudolf and Leopold Blaschka, are intricate glass botanical structures. This was early 3-D modeling for science cataloging! Click on these images to take a closer look: these are all glass, even the needles, leaves and flowers on the stems. There are so many specimen that it was a little overwhelming, but if you are a botanist or glass enthusiast this will blow your mind.

IMG_0841The second exhibit of the day was Earth and Planetary Science – essentially a large room full of minerals — from the common to the extremely rare — including intact zircon crystals from 4.3 million years ago. Most are under glass, but there are several that you can touch.

IMG_0843The last exhibit I visited was the comparative zoology collection, including sea creatures in glass and a broad range of preserved actual creatures. Here are jars of preserved octopus and squid.

A few more pictures:IMG_0835  IMG_0838IMG_0845

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Mark Twain House, end of gold faucet project

Last weekend LG and I visited my grandmother – St. Patty’s Day corned beef and cabbage and celebrating her 94th birthday. On our way back LG and I stopped at the Mark Twain House and took a few pictures. He enjoyed the irreverence and humor of Samuel Clemence. In an odd mix of time periods we bought the Manga version of Tom Sawyer and he read it in the car on the way home.

IMG_5824 IMG_5820

I am also considering the gold faucet project closed. Hooray! Here are the final work pictures of the shower enclosure. Overspray came off easily with GooGone. Next is the continuing with the linen skirt around the sink.

IMG_5825  IMG_5828

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