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Tile Repair

Here I’m sharing my house repairs, here and there, as a way to document and confirm my labors.
LG, age 8, notices that some of the tiles in the mudroom were loose. It turned out that the concrete under some of them had bulged. This was a great opportunity for him to use his new hammer and a cold chisel.
We carefully chiseled out the grout with an old full tang screwdriver, then he chiseled down the high spots. We used a rigid ruler to find the spots and a marker to circle the areas to be addressed.
I then used thinset to lay the tiles back in. They aren’t very level, but it basically inside a closet, so I didn’t exert the extra effort to get to perfection.
Next I need to grout them.
*note: I got a bit of thinset on my hand and it gave me a little acid burn. Be careful!



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February 27, 2014 · 1:04 pm